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Aarons Pets Ltd

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Nailsea: 01275 852030

Guinea Pig Food

We sell a good range of guinea pig food. It is very important to feed a specific guinea pig diet to your pet. They have a special requirement and need high levels of vitamin C in their food.

If you are keeping guinea pigs and rabbits together, you must feed them both guinea pig food. Guinea pigs will not do well on rabbit food, it does not contain the levels of vitamins they need. Rabbits will be fine on guinea pig food, any excess vitamins will just pass through the body.

Your guinea pig will need constant access to fresh water and good quality hay. You can also feed treats from your garden such as fresh grass, parsley, dandelion, carrot, celery, broccoli, kale, spinach and cucumber, but remember; too much green food can cause diarrhoea.

Complete Pelleted Food

We sell Excel Guinea & Science Selective Guinea Pig. All are a completely pelleted food which helps with selective feeding and teeth wear.

Excel is the product we have sold for the longest. It is very popular and recommended by our local vets. It comes in 2 flavours, original & blackcurrant.

Guinea Pig Mixes

We stock a couple of Guinea Pig mixes in

both shops but our most popular mix by far is Gerty Guinea Food. It is available in a 15kg sack or a carry home size. Gerty Guinea is a complete food suitable for guinea pigs of all ages – delicious ingredients such as maize, oats, wheat, beans and alfalfa make this a nutritionally complete and balanced diet for guinea pigs.

Please ask for details. We do deliver if you cannot pick up your bag, please see our delivery information here.