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Aarons Pets Ltd

Dog - Cat - Small Animal - Fish - Poultry - Bird - Reptile

Nailsea: 01275 852030

Small Animal Food

In this section we have listed some of the feed we do for small animals such as ferrets, hamsters and chinchillas. It is not a complete list of everything we stock. If you would like any help or advice please ask a member of staff in either shop.


There are a few hamster foods to choose from in our stores. Firstly there is Beaphar special care. It is a pelleted food which prevents selective feeding and contains all the ingredients your hamster needs.

We also sell a few mixes such as Harry Hamster, which contain fruit and nuts along with other cereals and nuggets.


We sell a range of Rat foods but our most popular ones are the pelleted diets such as Burgess Supa Rat and Beaphar Care+ Rat.Rats do need a particular level of protein in their diet and all our foods are balanced to meet that need.


Our most popular ferret food it James Wellbeloved Ferret. It is a complete kibble containing everything your ferret requires in its diet. We also stock Supreme Ferret Food, and ferret Beaphar Care+.

We can get other products in to order, please ask a member of staff if there is something in particular you would like.

Chinchilla & Degu

We stock a few products for Chinchillas but only one for Degus. For Chinchillas we stock the popular Charlie Chinchilla and Beaphar Care+ Chinchilla. The science selective range covers all small animals but they do make a diet specifically for Degus.

We also stock a range of treats for Chinchillas and a few for Degus which take in to account their dietary needs.

Gerbil, Mouse & Chipmunk

We sell Gerri Gerbil mix and Beaphar Care+ Gerbil. We also stock a range of treats that are suitable for gerbils. For mice we sell Science selective mouse, which is a pellet and we also reccomend our Raspberry Hamster mix as it has small pieces suitable for mice.We do also sell a specific Chipmunk food.