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Aarons Pets Ltd

Dog - Cat - Small Animal - Fish - Poultry - Bird - Reptile

Nailsea: 01275 852030

Poultry Products

We stock a variety of feed and accessories for poultry in both stores. It is becoming more and more popular to have pet chickens and other small poultry in the garden.

We stock a range of poultry feed including:

  • Layers Pellets
  • Mixed Corn
  • Chick Crumb
  • Growers Pellets
  • Layers Mash
  • Ecomony Pigeon

We weigh up some of the products but others are available in a 5kg bag and nearly all are available in a 20kg sack. We do carry many of the sack in stock but we can order then in within 48 hours. We can also order in the organic range, please ask for details on this.

We also stock a good range of poultry products such as wormers, mite and lice powders and sprays, disinfectants, tonic, grit and shell, feeders and drinkers and even chicken treats.

Pictures below is a selection of some of the products we stock. We also have a very good wholesaler and can order other products that are not pictured here. Please ask in either store if you have a product you would like and we can give you details.