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Aarons Pets Ltd

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Nailsea: 01275 852030

Rabbit Food

We Stock a range of Rabbit mixes and treats. We also sell very good quality hay which we get locally that is ideal for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. Your rabbit will need constant access to fresh water and hay or forage.

The Excel Range

Burgess Excel make a range of rabbit food suitable for junior to senior. Recommended by vets, it is a complete pelleted diet which prevents selective feeding and helps keeps teeth down. New to the range is Excel Sensitive. It is a grain free recipe and includes a prebiotic for digestive health. Excel is our most popular rabbit diet.

The Science Selective Range

Science Selective is made by Supreme. It is a pelleted complete diet. Their range covers all small animals but they do a small range specifically for rabbits. In June 2012 they had a packaging change across the whole range.

Science selective is a longer pellet, ideal for helping to keep teeth down. It also prevents selective feeding. Science selective adult rabbit is available from 350g to a 10kg bag so theres a size to suit all.

Our Mixes

We do a large range of rabbit mixes. Some are pellet free, some are fruit mixes such as apple rabbit, some are for young rabbits and so on.

Mixes give the rabbit the choice of what it wants to eat, which is fine if it clears its whole bowl. More often than not, you will find your rabbit will leave a particular ingredient. This means is may be missing out on some of those vitamins and minerals.

This is why we recommend feeding a complete pelleted diet such as Excel as your rabbit has to eat a balanced diet that way.

That's not to say mixes don't have a place because they do and they are still very popular in both our stores.

All our rabbit mixes are available in a sack. Please ask for details and prices.