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Aarons Pets Ltd

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Nailsea: 01275 852030

Wild Bird & Wildlife Products

We have a large range of wild bird products in both our stores. We sell not only small carry home bags but also seed by the sack. We try and get good blends of seed to suit all types of wild birds. We are always open to suggestions for new products and we will try and order something for you where we can.

With programmes like Springwatch becoming more popular, we have found that people really have become aware of the diversity of birds and wildlife found in the UK and are following their guides on how to maintain them. We are always looking for new products and this page is a brief introduction to the products we sell. Feel free to come in to either store and look round.

We offer a local delivery service so if you would like a sack of seed, a bird table or any of our products please ask a member of staff or call a store and we will help you.


We sell a large range of bird seed for wild and domestic birds. We package most of the wild bird seed ourselves and they are all available in a sack ranging from 13kg-25kg depending on the type.

Our most popular garden seed mix is Countrywide Garden Bird Mix. It is an economy blend, suitable for all garden birds. It is also available in a 20kg sack. Sunflower hearts and nyger seed are also high on the popularity list. We do a few specialist blends such as High Energy, Robin and Songbird and 'no mess'. These are tailored to help attract certain birds to your garden. There is a feeding guide in the bird section if you are not sure what you should be feeding to the birds you are seeing in your garden.

Suet & Fat Balls

Suet products have really increased in demand over the last year or two. Suet is sold in a few different ways. We sell the blocks, coconuts, balls, logs and pellets. Some of our seed mixes also have suet pellets mixed in to them. Suet is very popular in the winter months but we have seen it become a year round food. Suet comes in different flavours to attract different kinds of bird.

Fat Balls are also popular all year round. Easy to feed, they will hang by themselves in a net or you can by a specialist feeder which will hold a number of them. Fat balls are becoming more popular to buy un-netted as there have been a few reports from the RSPB of birds getting their legs caught. We stock the un-netted when we can.


We stock a range of feeders for bird seed, peanuts, suet products and specialist seed. Our range is changing all the time but we always have a variety of products to suit most budgets.

We stock The Nuttery squirrel proof feeders if you do not wish the squirrels to share with the birds! They are a good quality feeder, strong and durable, and should last a good length of time. We do sell bird tables if you wanted to bring the birds where it suits you. Bird tables can be delivered locally if you do not have transport.


We sell some specialist food for garden wildlife. We sell hedgehog food in a dry biscuit and a semi moist diet. It is very popular. We can order in other hedgehog mixes.

We can order hedgehog houses. They are wooden and look nice in the garden. We can also get bug and bat boxes should you require one. They make great gifts.

We also are able to order in swan and duck food and badger and fox food if you would like it. Please ask if there is anything you would like and we will try and get it for you.